Social Media Services I Provide

I am a freelance social media strategist for hire.  That means I can help your business, your film or your organization reach your objectives through social media marketing, in a number of ways:

Audit Existing Social Media Presence

I’ll thoroughly review your accounts on multiple channels and put together a report on effectiveness, including detailed suggestions for improving reach and engagement.

Set Up New Social Media Accounts

I’ll set up and launch accounts for you on platforms we agree are important for your industry, and then I’ll get started at strategy building the kind of audience you need in order to reach your objectives.

Determine Content Strategy

We’ll discuss your objectives and I’ll devise a roadmap for how to reach them via social media channels.  We’ll discuss what gets posted where and when. We’ll agree on a tone; a voice.

Create Content & Execute Across All Channels

I’ll craft and publish world class online content based on the strategy you’ve signed off on.  I’ll deliver routine metrics and ad hoc observations, so you can quantify how well your investment is paying off.

Train Your Team On Routine Management

Many companies would prefer their employees handle social media updates, but don’t know where to start. You can work with me on your content strategy and execution for a bit, with the goal of transitioning ownership to in-house resources. I have a comprehensive training program that makes the handover seamless, and that maximizes comfort by allowing you or your team to contact me for questions when needed.

Do you have a small business, a film, or some other organization whose digital presence needs improvement? I’d love to learn more about you and your objectives. Contact me today to start the conversation.

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