How It Works

Thinking about reaching out for help with social media, marketing, and or PR? Wondering what’ll happen then? Here’s what you can expect.

1. Call me or email me.

2. I’ll set up a call where I will learn about what you do, and what your needs are.

Where are you now with your business, and where do you hope to be?

What are your objectives for social media – what do you hope and expect it to do for your business or film?

To what degree are you skilled at or interested in managing the day-to-day updates on your own social media accounts, versus relying on outside help? 

Perhaps you need help with strategy and execution, all while receiving training for you and your team on taking over the reins?

Do you need someone to write content for your blog, or just advise on approach, and maybe copy edit?

What other services are you looking for in terms of marketing, market research, or publicity, if any? 

3.  Based on that conversation, I’ll send over a proposal that breaks down my recommended approach, which includes important stuff like pricing, scope, and timing. It will address high-level strategy, frequency of posts, and depending on your needs, may also include PR and marketing consultancy.

4. Once you decide to move forward, we’ll set up some time to do a thorough and formal introductory training & strategy session for you and the employees you designate which includes:

Introduction to social media for business – opportunities, risks, vital considerations

Thorough custom competitive analysis

Custom recommended content strategy with examples and rationale

Alignment on calendar, strategy, and next steps

Contact me now to start the conversation about all the exciting and fun ways out there you can deepen your relationships with your customers and reach a wider audience.

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