You Should Hire Social Media Consultant Dor Dotson and Here’s Why

Dor Dotson is a Brooklyn-based social media consultant, with expertise in content strategy, cross-platform management, social media training, as well as marketing, PR and market research – both within and outside of the entertainment industry.

Why Work with Dor? In Her Own Words

Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s a social media expert. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right person to manage something as important as your social media presence?

The Internet and social media has been a huge part of my life for 20 years – to the point where the distinction between online and offline becomes meaningless. 

Here's a photo of me on my wedding day, updating social media even while getting my hair done.

Me on my wedding day, updating social media even while getting my hair done.

Remember when you had to pay for AOL by the hour? I do.  I was such an early adopter that I purchased the software for $21.95, years before they were mailing the CDs out for free.  When I was 16, I met my first boyfriend in an AOL chat room – we’d later live together.  I moved to Los Angeles at 18 to be closer to my friends I’d met on a message board.  Skip ahead to 2012, when my first introduction to the man who was to become my husband three years later was when he read a blog post of mine that encouraged him to start following me on Twitter.  I have a deep understanding of and deep love for social media.

I understand business.

Unlike many digital natives, I have over a decade of experience in market research. In roles I’ve held like Director of Online Community and Director of Client Service, I learned how important it was to grow and retain customers and clients through consistent, authentic communication. I’ve conducted financial analyses. I’ve managed budgets.  I’ve created operational process flows, and devised systems for reporting on key performance indicators.    What does that mean to you? I’m not just good at Twitter – I am a true professional.  Everything from the way I do business myself to the recommendations I make for yours will reflect that my expertise goes far beyond the realm of social media.

Oh, and bonus! Because my background is mostly in entertainment market research – servicing TV studio and film clients – I am used to the quick-turnaround, high-pressure, “always on” nature of that business.

I love, love, love, love people.

My whole life, I’ve been a connector, an organizer, and a facilitator of new opportunities across my social and work lives.  Nothing delights me more than creating new connections that improve the lives of the people I know.  I’m a passionate advocate for brands, people and ideas I care about, and I love having a job where I get to do that over and over every day.

I love, love, love, love film.

Are you a movie person?  Great.  Me too. I’ve been going to Sundance for 15 years! My husband is a filmmaker! I have relationships across the industry – distributors, critics, producers, actors, directors. I have in-depth industry knowledge, the likes of which can only be gleaned by years of exposure.  I’m good with crowdfunding, festival strategy, audience development, outreach, and more. I am the perfect person to design and execute your film’s social media strategy.

Are you not a movie person? That’s fine. You can take advantage of my love of film by getting movie recommendations from me whenever you want, at no extra charge! 🙂

I am fun and creative.

I have fresh, funny ideas for delighting audiences and customers.  Case in point: take a look at the intricate, hilarious, movie-themed and wildly successful wedding I planned.

Ready to take your social media presence to the next level? Contact me today.

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