10 Questions Filmmakers Shouldn’t Have to Answer Besides What’s Your Budget and What Did you Shoot On

Your film has been accepted to an upcoming film festival. Congratulations!  As you probably know, things are about to get crazy. Good crazy. The kind of crazy you’ve been waiting for. All that blood, sweat and tears? It’s all about to be worth it, as you show off the fruits of your labor to a brand new audience for the first time.

You know your time on the ground at the festival is going to be exhilarating, and is going to go by in the blink of an eye.  As you run around getting barely enough sleep, meeting tons of new people, there’s so much to think about.  Am I drinking enough water? Will people stay for my Q&A? Am I meeting the people I need to be meeting while I’m here? 

Here’s another, slightly different list of questions – questions filmmakers should not need to be stressing about during their precious time at a film festival.

1. Is my film on the right social media platforms? 

2. Am I posting enough? Too much? At the right times? 

3. What about hashtags, should I use one? Which one? 

4. What approaches are other films using that I’m going to admire after the fact, and wish I’d had the time to do?

5. Are people talking about my movie before, during and after the festival?  How can I get them to talk about it more? 

6. How do I identify and engage people who can advocate on my film’s behalf?

7. There are so many interesting film choices in such a limited time at this festival. How can I harness social media to get my film to stand out? 

8. How can I leverage the good will of audiences who are excited about my movie now, that is – how can I turn them into invested, engaged ambassadors far into the future?

9. What is Periscope, and how can I use it to deepen my connection with my audience, ideally now before everyone’s already an expert and I’m the last one to sign up? 

And, especially:

10. Even if I know the answers to some of these questions, will I have time to apply my knowledge by consistently and creatively running my own social media platforms in the time leading up to and during the film festival? Is that the best use of my and my crew’s very limited time at the fest? 

The answer to that last question? Nope, and nope.

Easy solution: hire me to help you. I’m a social media expert, a 10-year TIFF and 16 year Sundance attendee, among others.  I’m affordable, hard-working, and excited about using my social media skills to empower filmmakers to make meaningful and long-lasting connections with new audiences. I can work as a compliment to your publicist or as an affordable option when hiring one is not possible.

Contact me today to see how I can help you at TIFF, NYFF, Fantastic Fest, DocNYC, and more upcoming film festivals.  I offer a handful of flexible options addressing a wide variety of needs and price points, and I’d love to learn more about you, your film and how I can help you get it out there in a meaningful way.

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